Just like your name identifies you as a person, your brand will allow your customers to identify your product or service. Your brand should be much more than just a name; it should tell a story of the “why”. The why of your product or service is even more important than the name. Your brand allows customers to recognize and relate to, making it the identity of your business. Here are a few starting points when beginning to think about branding.

  • Identify your target consumer
  • Evaluate your competition’s brand
  • Understand what makes your business unique
  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Apply your brand’s message to multiple areas
  • Seek advice

Once you have developed your brand, the next piece of the puzzle is getting that story out there to your potential customers. Just like most facets of launching a startup, business branding sometimes is best left to a professional, and that adds to the startup costs. HJR Global offers a solution to all your startup challenges including small business branding.

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