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Even though you are probably not trying to build a startup with an idea to leave one day, but having a sound exit strategy business plan is something any aspiring entrepreneur must think about. Being prepared to act fast and in a smart way when uncertainties occur is a trait of serious players.

Here are some crucial pre-exit strategy tips for young entrepreneurs across the globe:

1. Learn Everything There Is To Know About Your Business

Knowing all the ropes about your business and the niche you are in can be critical for your long-term career. Learning all the dynamics of your markets is key, and while being focused on your day-to-day should currently be your number one priority in order for your business to move forward, thinking about big picture stuff must not be neglected.

2. A Strong Management Team Goes A Long Way

Building a strong and avid team around you is crucial. The most important asset your company possesses is human capital.

3. Focus On The Long-Term Game

Any company should be investing in its infrastructure, sales/marketing strategies, and its employees, for only then will you be able to build a business capable of winning the long-term game. Big investors are always looking for the companies that are in for the long haul.

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Exit Strategy Business Plan

Generally speaking, there are two types of exit strategy business plans for startups to follow:


In this scenario, another company offers an appropriate amount of money to purchase your startup. This company is usually a large and well-established one that has interest in the services and/or the product your startup has created.

Initial Public Offering

IPO means that your startup will no longer be a privately owned company and will turn into a publicly traded firm.

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