Beginnings are always hard. Research shows that 9 out of 10 new businesses go down within the first year of operation, and one of the main reasons is almost always the lack of business funding. Any successful entrepreneur knows that money makes the business world go round. Having a good product, a sound business plan, and an avid team is essential, but all those aspects are rendered useless if you don’t have proper funding to make your dream come to life.

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Google, Apple, Uber… all these behemoths were once small companies trying to make ends meet, looking for their chance to shine. This is exactly why all young startups should think and dream big, but they should also be prepared to walk the walk when their big break for business expansion finally comes.

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Federal Contracting

Another great thing about startups is that local, federal, and state governments offer help to small businesses looking for new and exciting opportunities to sell their products and services. The U.S. government invests 23% of the $500 billion in yearly contracts into startups and small companies, which makes Federal Contracts an amazing and must-try opportunity for all young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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If your startup is about to have an import-export business as well, you definitely need to come up with a solid import-export business plan and do thorough research on the markets you are planning to target. This will help your business to…

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Hopefully, your startup company will be successful enough to reach the growth level at which you will need to consider business mergers and acquisitions. Acquiring business from another company, or the entire company, can indeed be a turning point in your career, but this process has to be meticulously conducted as business mergers, as well as acquisitions, tend to be fairly complicated and tricky affairs.

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Exit Strategies

Even though you are probably not trying to build a startup with an idea to leave one day, but having a sound exit strategy business plan is something any aspiring entrepreneur must think about. Being prepared to act fast and in a smart way when uncertainties occur is a trait of serious players.

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