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6 Blogging Secrets Every Small Business Should Know

At HJR Global, we know how vital content creation is in a digital landscape. Pretty much every business has to have a dedicated content production team that includes video, social media and blogging. Blogs are especially beneficial for small businesses because they drive traffic to the website, create interaction between your staff and your clients, and even establish your credibility in your industry. As you can guess, a good blog is in high demand and so are the blogging secrets that the top bloggers use to get positive interaction and turnover on their blog. As a small business owner, you can write your own blogs if you are prepared to spend a lot of time in front of the computer or you can pay someone else to manage your content. HJR Global has compiled a list of the most important secrets you can learn as a small business owner starting a blog. If you want the main points, go to our blog at the HJR Global website, but remember these things:

  • Consistently produce killer, relevant blogs that establish your credibility.
  • Know that more blogs than you imagine employ paid strategies and techniques.
  • Remember blogs always act as a contact point to gain customers.

However, you’re not the type of business owner to just click away from good advice. If you haven’t checked out our blog yet, make sure you use it as a point of reference as HJR Global reveals 6 crucial blogging secrets that every small business needs.

Every Blog Needs A Killer Headline

Consider why you click on the things that you do online. Do you take notice of picture or is it the headline that grabbed you? Why did you click on this blog? One of the most important pieces of your blog is a good headline. What works the best depends on a number of factors, including the industry you work in, search engine optimization, and how much risk you are willing to take with your headlines. When you’re writing a headline, think about what you would click on and what the group you are trying to reach clicks on as well. Then, dial in on the sweet spot to create a headline worth reading.

Write With Authority And Credibility

If you are going to buy a product from someone, you want to know the details about it and what function it can serve in your life. You want the seller to display their expertise on the product. You also want to know what other people who have used the product think about it. You need credibility to buy a product. Normally, most people won’t even invest their time into something if it doesn’t have at least one of these two things. This also applies to your blog and it’s one of the most obvious blogging secrets. Support your claims and establish your credibility by displaying how you understand or have bettered your industry.

Consistency Is Key

Writing a blog that’s actually worth the time, effort and money means you’re going to have to be more consistent than a few posts every year. If you’re wondering how frequently you need to post, you must add new content at least once a month. For shorter content, more frequent posting is important, where as long posts usually mean you can go longer between posts. How much you can handle depends entirely on your schedule, but you certainly can’t be infrequent with your posts.

Not Every Topic Will Translate Into A Good Blog

One thing that entrepreneurs and small business owners are not short on is passion. To undertake that business endeavor, you have to be full of passion and really enjoy what you do. With that in mind, many people think that they can write a blog post about anything…and no one is stopping you. However, if you want to have a high turnover blog, you need to remember that one of HJR’s blogging secrets is that not every topic makes a good blog post.

Paid Traffic Is More Common Than You Think

Much like you can’t get caught up in jealousy over the “lives” that you see friends on Instagram living, you can’t assume that your favorite blog to read is getting all of it’s traffic organically. Most blogs with a commanding presence are likely driving some of their traffic by paying for it. You need to judge your analytics for what the numbers are telling you about your strategy, not in comparison to the strategy of others.

Blogs Are Meant To Promote Your Business

Remember that a blog is like a message in a bottle you send across a body of water to your customers. What are you going to write on your note? Whatever you cram inside the bottle, you want to inspire your customers to come to you. Does that mean you insert valuable information with a call to action or do you directly acknowledge the sale you are trying to make? Whatever the case, remember that a business blog is a contact with a customer. If you don’t try to pull them in at all, they will just throw your note back to sea, but if you push to hard, they won’t want to move on their own.

Cultivating successful content is much more complex than 6 blogging secrets, but these are some of the most important factors that a lot of new bloggers forget about. HJR Global is not in the business of letting businesses and entrepreneurs struggle if we have information to impart.

At HJR Global, we help small business owners and entrepreneurs to find and manage all the tools they need to succeed. Whether that’s advice about maintaining a digital presence, helping owners to secure financing, or even instructing leaders on how to improve their Emotional Intelligence, HJR Global is there to help you turn your business into a powerhouse and you into a rockstar.