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7 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Can’t Make

Social media is important and it seems like every business has entered the social arena at this point. If you are just starting a business or you are just now thinking about getting more active with your social platforms, it can be pretty daunting to build a presence on social media. Social media is organic and what works shifts over time, so it can be hard to decide how to engage customers on those platforms. As a huge portion of your representation in this day and age, there are social media mistakes that you just can’t afford to make. HJR Global has compiled a list of these gaffs to help you avoid making a mistake that could harm your business. These are the seven social media mistakes you can’t afford to make.

A Lack Of Strategy

How will you use social media as a business? To drive engagement? To alert followers about new products? To keep a conversation going between you and customers? Or were you planning on just posting and seeing what works? The last one seems silly, but it’s one of the most common social media mistakes small businesses make with their posts. Figure out what your strategy is for social media, as if it’s a part of your business plan. Who is your audience? What would engage them on their own social media? What purpose does your social media serve? Make sure you have a strategy for your social media posts or you will just waste time and money on them.

Posting Inappropriately

This covers all manner of sins, but generally you don’t want to post inappropriately on your social media accounts. Some brands use sarcasm or even profanity to give them a social edge, but they are also backed by a team of lawyers and millions of dollars. Don’t try to emulate them.

Certainly it goes without saying not to use violence or nudity to send your message. This alienates your audience and it could also end up getting your accounts shut down or even get you in trouble with the law.

Finally, and probably most important in this section because so many small businesses do this, make sure that your post isn’t insensitive or tone deaf. Don’t use tragedies or holidays for self promotion. If hashtags are trending on twitter, investigate them and join the conversation, rather than using something that could potentially be insensitive or offensive for self-promotion.

Using Material That Isn’t Yours

Perhaps you find the perfect image for your blog or social media post, but it’s someone else’s picture or it belongs to a different company. Don’t make the mistake of using material and thinking you won’t be caught. Most people are happy to let you use their pictures and graphics as long as they are credited and some people are happy to accept licensing fees for their work, which are significantly cheaper than a lawsuit. You can eliminate a lot of the headache by producing that content in-house if you have the money. Whatever the case, don’t use material that could land you in hot water.

Ignoring The Analytics

Analytics are some of the most powerful tools that many small companies seem to just ignore. That’s one of the social media mistakes that no business can afford. When you post on social media, don’t just wind and let it go. Take the time to assess the analytics to see what works and what doesn’t, so you can figure out why. This can tell you so much more about your audience than you know, so don’t ignore it.

Keeping The Conversation One-Sided

Some small companies treat social media like it’s a bulletin board, when in reality it’s a place to start and continue conversations. Yes, you can post about upcoming events, products or changes in your company, but don’t just shout into the void. Rather than making one of those easily avoidable social media mistakes Treat every post as an interaction and it will build your presence much more effectively than a barrage of posts that people will just ignore.

Posting Too Much

Like any good secret sauce, the key to social media is in the quality, not the quantity, of posts that you can make on your channels.This is one of those social media mistakes that too many people make. A few well placed posts a day or even a week are worth so much more than spamming your feed every hour. Don’t over-saturate your social feed. Make sure every post has a purpose.

Never Posting At All

The reality in the digital age is that most, if not all, businesses need to have a social presence in order to maintain relevance. If you don’t have a social media presence because you never post on your accounts, your audience could think you don’t care or even that you have gone out of business. If you don’t have time to manage multiple social media accounts, focus on just one that you know how to use and grow your presence there until you have time to handle more or you can find someone to help you with your social presence.

Small businesses deserve to have the edge today in the digital economy. E-commerce and interconnectivity has made it possible for any person to start a business and get their ideas to the right audience. Are you an entrepreneur that wants to start your own business, but you don’t know where to start? Let HJR Global help. HJR Global has helped many businesses find funding and grow, especially leaders looking to learn how they can invigorate their team. Click here for a special offer from HJR Global and Harrison Rogers available now.