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How To Get Your Product In Retail Chain Stores

What business owner doesn’t want to walk into a local retailer and find their product on the shelves? If you make a product that has wholesale value, the ultimate feeling of selling your product to a retailer is well worth the sometimes-difficult process. Whether you choose to sell your product through small retailers, independent boutiques, or massive retail chain stores, there are several ways you can get your product in front of the right buyers and get on the shelves in front of your customers. Here are some ways that HJR Global has compiled for you to get your product in the right retail stores.

Do Your Research

When you’re trying to get your product into retail chain stores or an independent boutiques, it’s important that you do your research. For small retailers, what are their values that direct their business and what types of products have they taken a chance on in the past. For large retailers, what does their supplier application breakdown look like? Can you handle the volume that they expect and does your company practice what they value? Wholesaling can be lucrative in the right situation. Make sure that getting your products into retail chain stores is right for you.

Niche Marketing and PR

Know your product and how to market it to the right demographic. If you have a unique product, what’s going to make someone stop and pick it up? What type of marketing on the packaging will catch people’s eye? Are you going to use subtlety or intensity to get your product in front of people? Even if you plan to sell wholesale, you need a strong social media representation and marketing campaign. Remember that larger retail chain stores might opt to highlight your product with their own marketing, but some stores will expect you to incentivise customers to look at their shelves and if your product doesn’t sell, they might remove it to make more room for products that will sell.

Exhibit At Trade Shows

Trade shows and wholesale conferences are the perfect way to get your business out in front of the right retailers. These shows are designed for independent boutiques and retail chain stores to find products that they know will sell in their stores. However, you need to develop your marketing strategy before you go to trade shows, keeping in mind who you want to attract to buy your product at wholesale value and how they can see the value in your presentation of the product for their customers.

Develop A Distribution Network

One thing that will set you above with small stores and larger retailers is the development and implementation of a distribution network. Distribution can be one of the more costly expenses for any retail chain stores, but it’s especially hard on the margins of a small boutique. Making life easier on any retailer will make your product more attractive for them to carry on their shelves.

Remain Persistent

While your business is unique and your product is important to your customers, remember that there are just so many small businesses out there trying to make it. Small independent stores and large retail chain stores are probably approached every single day with something new that someone wants to put on their shelves and it becomes a simple numbers game. If you want to see your product gracing those shelves, you need to remain persistent. With luck, you can walk into a nearby store and see your product selling off the shelves.