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Rock Star Leaders Use These 6 Emotional Intelligence Hacks

Rock star leaders become who they are because they inspire people and ignite their passion. Modern rock star leaders are at an advantage because the business world has never been so in tune with emotional intelligence as it is now. Want to become the leader that you can only imagine on stage surrounded by fans and believers? These emotional intelligence hacks from HJR Global are applicable to anyone that dreams of being a rockstar leader.

Guard Your Emotions, But Don’t Close Off

Self-management is one of the most important skills you can develop. That’s why this is one of the most obvious, yet vital emotional intelligence hacks. It can be hard to manage emotional outputs in times of stress, worry, anxiety or frustration. Leaders and managers are often under the weight of leading which can cause emotions to run high. And yet, it’s still critical for you to master and control your emotional responses to keep your team moving forward. If you stop dead in your tracks to have an emotional meltdown, what do you think happens to progress around you. It’s not that you don’t deserve to have an emotional response to the triggers that you can’t help, but you have to understand that as the prototype model for emotional intelligence, you have to master self-awareness and self-management to keep up that momentum.

Model Passionate Behavior

You need to understand as a rock star leader that you are where you are because you inspire someone with your abilities, passion or drive. However, because you are inspiring those around you, that means that there are constantly eyes on you. If you’re behavior and your emotional responses aren’t in line with your goals as a leader, then you can end up diminishing that inspiration and causing people to question why they follow you. Make sure that your emotional responses are inline with your passions. This is one of those quick, but important emotional intelligence hacks.

Give Your Employees Credit

In a 2019 survey, bambooHR found that more than 57% of employees believe that it’s unacceptable for a boss to take complete credit for work that was done a team and that could lead them to quit. Leaders need to be aware that no matter how much they innovated or pulled strings or ideated, their teams helped them get where they are now. If an employee has a negative emotional reaction to their boss taking credit for their work, especially if they don’t feel listened to, that has the potential to cause some massive ripple effects and even cause team members to quit. You have to pay attention to your team members and make sure that they feel fulfilled. If you invest into them and listen to them, they are apt to surprise you.

Have A Backup Plan

One of the benefits for rock star leaders that used these emotional intelligence hacks is that they are almost always prepared for any situation. Being emotionally intelligent requires you to be aware of the emotional responses of your team and the possible emotional responses. For example, if you have to reprimand a team member, how will they respond? Will they receive your criticism with grace as an opportunity to grow? Will they yell and scream at you or possibly try to lead a mutiny against you? You need a plan for this situation and any situation that might elicit an emotional response. Rock star leaders have a plan B and even a plan C.

Seek Out A Good Role Model

People are often unwilling to admit that they model themselves after other leaders and that’s understandable because we all want to be unique. However, rock star leaders are excellent at admitting where they were influenced by people around them and how this is one of those emotional intelligence hacks that is crucial, if you are willing to learn it.

Emotional Intelligence is the leadership quality for the future and any chance to improve that skill is something that rock star leaders should jump at. Want to find out all the secrets and emotional intelligence hacks you need to know to be a better leader? Check out a special offer from the CEO of HJR Global: