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The Top Branding Trends You Should Follow

Can you remember when you last saw a billboard? If so, can you remember what that billboard was about? Branding is changing, and consumer expectations for how companies will utilize branding trends are changing too.

If you want to make your business truly successful, you’ll need to know how to adapt to the rapidly changing branding landscape, and our team here at HJR Global have come together to help you do just that.

Personalize Your Brand

Customers like products, but they like people even more. After all, there’s a reason Steve Jobs was so integral to Apple’s brand campaigns – Apple’s products weren’t just selling themselves, Jobs, in his omnipresent turtleneck, jeans and sneaker combo, was the driver for the success of his company.

But personalizing your brand doesn’t just extend to making sure that you as a company executive are interacting with your customers. It also means connecting your customers to each other. Humans have been tribal for as long as we have existed.

We thrive on the connections we can make with other people, which is why emotional, storytelling ads are so likely to go viral, setting new trends and acting as effective branding components. By giving your products and services a human face not only in company employees but also in the customers who believe in those goods and services, you create a brand that people will want to involve themselves with.

Figure Out Chatbots

Many business owners underestimate just how useful chatbots are, especially for companies which do a majority of their business online. A well-implemented chatbot lets you avoid hiring 24/7 customer service agents, and simultaneously gives customers a useful resource that can answer most of their baseline questions about your products or services.

Create Online Communities And Creative Experiences For Your Customers

Starbucks made the news circuit in August 2018 when they created a Facebook group, called “The Leaf Rakers Society,” which is a not-so-secret society for people who presumably love yard work and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. As of November 23, “The Leaf Rakers Society” has 27,719 members. And while its status as a secret society may not have been bulletproof, its genius as a branding device surely is.

By creating “The Leaf Rakers Society,” Starbucks created a community where certain members of their customer-base with similar interests were able to come together and communicate with each other.

The result was a shift in perspective for many customers – they stopped viewing Starbucks as a corporate entity and started viewing it as a service that gave like-minded people an opportunity to share their interests with each other.

Branding campaigns like this create a fierce sort of brand loyalty, and it’s well worth investing in cultivating a community out of your customers.

Make Having A Social Conscience Part Of Your Branding

Ethics is a bigger part of branding than ever before and adapting to this fact will strengthen your company’s branding. Partner with a non-profit. Run branding campaigns that tie a percentage of profits into donations for a charity that you like. If your company has the same business ethics as you and your executives do, it will humanize your company to consumers.

In this day and age, authenticity is arguably the most important aspect of good branding. By creating a company with a social conscience, branding your company to consistently reflect those principles, and owning up to any mistakes you or your company make, you’ll be able to build an incredible amount of respect and loyalty from your customer base.

Mobilize Your Branding Campaigns

According to official statements from Google, more than half of all search queries made on the search engine globally originate from mobile devices. Your branding campaigns should reflect the skyrocketing popularity of mobile.

Optimize your campaigns for mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. Make the viewports for your branding material scale down to mobile devices so that your ads and take the time to ensure that your website displays on mobile devices in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Taking these steps will help your company advance into the 21st century.

Use Influencer Marketing To Your Advantage

Everybody knows how big-name corporations such as Nike have used social media influencers to market their products uber-successfully over the past few years. Where most people make a mistake, however, is in classifying this success as an abnormality.

It is not. In 2017 alone, watch brand Daniel Wellington accrued over 62 million dollars in media value by hyper-prioritizing their Instagram account and using influencers to market their brand. From edgy, internet-focused companies such as ThirdLove and YSL beauty to market big-names like H&M, influencer marketing is the next big thing, and there’s no time like the present to make your brand an influencer-marketed viral phenomenon.

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