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Why Business Conferences Make You More Successful

As entrepreneurs, we tend to see time out of the office and away from work as precious moments (and dollars) lost to something that seems unproductive. However, you might not realize that business conferences are one of the most substantial resources you can use to make yourself a success. While many people can’t be bothered to leave their offices, defaulting to the ease of online access, it’s important to realize that there will never be a substitute for face to face interactions. A business conference is like a percolating pot of coffee, overflowing with energy and ready to restore you enough to help overcome the obstacles you face. HJR Global has compiled a list of why business conferences could make you more successful.

Many small business entrepreneurs have no idea how close they are to success or how near they are to toppling off the edge. You get sucked into a vortex and your tunnel vision makes it hard for you to see where you’re at on your business journey. When you go to business conferences and expos, you get the opportunity to learn from experts and make connections with other business leaders that you aren’t familiar with. Experts at quality conferences could change your perspective just enough to turn your ship around and provide you with the buoyancy your company needs.

Learn New Skills and Adjust Old Ones

While the exhibitor floor seems to glow and gleam with all the businesses and vendors anxious to talk to you and your team, the real value at most business conferences are the workshops and lectures. Any quality time spent at a conference should give you the opportunity to learn a new skill that you weren’t versed on before, or else find out ways to expand a skill you currently have. Taking the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts means your business tactics will get beefed up. Those that you choose to apply to the various mechanisms of your business will be tested by experts and more likely to make you a success. Is the conference full of competitors that are trying to sell you their products when you just want to learn how to develop yours? Consider this the opportunity to do market research or confirm proof of concept for your new products going forward.

Network, Network, Network

All business conferences are opportunities for you to network. Networking with competitors gives the opportunity to do market research and maintain a picture of the business trends you might be missing. Networking with vendors and possible services can make your business stronger, even if you don’t choose to use a product or service. You might realize areas you are lacking in and make a plan how to change in the future. Finally, at many business conferences, your customers are probably among the crowd. These gatherings give you the opportunity to take a face-to-face approach to closing leads.

Grow Your Brand

Being a vendor or a sponsor at a business conference puts your brand front and center for people to see. These types of events can be as lucrative as you allow them to be, especially if you have something to incentivise people to seek your expertise. Any sort of vendor or sponsorship should have the ultimate goal to get people to get into your sales funnel, even if they are direct competitors. A simple model is to offer something to get people in front of you to discuss your business. This could be as complex as offering an expert level “secrets” workshop or as simple as having the best collateral “swag” on your table that people will be excited for. After they are in front of you, a simple point of contact is all you need. Give customers a reason to give you their email or phone number. Now you have the opportunity to put your name and brand in front of them again.

Get Inspired

One of the biggest reasons we need to go to business conferences as entrepreneurs is to get inspired. Whether that’s by the words of an expert, the excitement of a potential customer about a new product, or the general energy of the gathered assembly, what you take away from any conference is a sense of purpose. These gatherings help to keep us motivated and moving forward. More often than not, you don’t even realize how quickly you can fall into a rut as a business owner. Sometimes you have to shake up what you do on a daily basis to succeed.

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