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Why Superhero Leaders Are Actually Bad For Business

Businesses used to be built and captained by what we would call Titans of Industry—hard, strong individuals had to grapple with forces of nature to bring forth the greatest companies of the land. However, in the modern age we now see that many people that used to be considered strong leaders are actually abrasive leaders that are often suffering from debilitating personality disorders. Modern businesses value collaboration and emotionally intelligent leaders that are responsive to the needs of their team. As the modern business evolves, so does the modern leader and smart individuals need to see the inherent risks that come from holding on to the ideals of superhero leaders. Here are the reasons that “superhero” leaders are actually bad for business and how aspiring leaders can refocus for the business of the future.

One Man To Solve All The Issues

In the movies and comics, people put their trust into one individual to save and protect them from the forces of evil. Many superhero leaders believe that they need to take on all the tasks and protect their staff from outside forces. However, we know that real life doesn’t work like a comic book and most of us don’t have the same abilities that caped crusaders do. Instead, our strength comes from a communicative team. The solution is to talk to your team. Don’t try to be one of these superhero leaders that doesn’t let your team help you shoulder burdens. Then you can form your own league of business extraordinaires.

The Power Of Multiple Minds

After the industrial age, especially as the digital age was first coming about, the focus shifted from the brawny shoulders of leaders that could hold up their companies with a great display of strength to superhero leaders with brains that gave them the superhuman ability to manifest innovations out of the ether. These innovators were also looked to as the navigator for the direction that many of us would travel. Why not? Their groundbreaking ideas changed the flow in the first place. However, the big brainiac is as much a part of the league of superhero leaders as the super strong hero and both are elements of the past. As we pass into a new age of business, it’s important for leaders to notice that business operates in a collective flow of networks and new innovators join these networks every day. Rather than powering the collective with one brain, all the brains can collaborate to affect the most change for the future.

The Myth Of The Chosen One

Natural succession order is part of many superhero stories because there is an idea that a leader must emerge if one should fall to the forces of evil. However, as the business landscape changes, there is less need for the superhero leaders that accept the mantle and burden of their expected duties. Instead, collaboration across a board or a number of teams yields the best results in the modern age.

Most of us love superheroes and those that are sick of the trend can at least see the merit in these stories because they bring forth order out of chaos and give people hope. As superhero leaders change to the emotionally intelligent collaborative leaders of the future, there is still room for heroes, but the room is for heroes that work with the team to accomplish their goals.

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