Coming up with the idea for a great product or service is the fun part that everyone loves to do. But reality sets in when you sit down and really begin to figure out just how much it will cost to bring your idea to life. These costs can vary greatly but regardless, the cost of starting a business becomes your first true obstacle on the path to business success.

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Common Startup Costs:

  • Research
  • Legal
  • Equipment, supplies, inventory, etc.
  • Advertising/Social media
  • Website
  • Borrowing
  • Employee
  • Real estate

These are just a few of the categories that can add up quickly when figuring out the true cost of launching your business. The fact is that it will almost always cost more than expected, this is just due to the unexpected nature of launching a startup because things are always changing. Seeking places to secure substantial funding can be a challenge but HJR Global is ready to help fund your business startup costs.

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